Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Thought for the Day: Why Buys

I fancied taking my rehabilitative walk in the peaceful misty woods near home yesterday but darn dang it! I'd run out of milk and as a white tea-oholic had to stroll to the supermarket instead. On route though I popped into Trago Mills, the discount store on my doorstep.  People come from far afield in search of bargains and they often appear to get rather carried away.  I've peered into their shopping baskets and thought 'Why on earth would you want to waste your money on that?' Sure, there's plenty of stuff that I find hideous but I'm not talking about matters of taste here. Each to their own apart from one garment I'll mention that really does need to be condemned to its final resting place.  Nor am I touching on the type of  awful rubbish that children bring home if they're let off the leash with pocket money to spend freely.   No, what I've mainly sought out are items targeted at adults where I truly believe that the product manufacturers have lost their marbles.

Am I missing something here?  Can't more than six cupcakes be made  in durable non stick baking tray in an oven for goodness sake?  Why clutter up the kitchen with yet another ugly single purpose appliance?

Surely life is too short to cut carrots, cheese and melons into hearts or star shaped pieces.  I bet it doesn't fool those children who don't like eating veg either.

Capuccino frother anyone?  We owned one of these once as it was bought as a gift.  Proof indeed that present amnesties for other grown ups should be entered into with abandon.  It didn't add anything to our lives, sat at the back of the drawer after one use and then went off to the charity shop. Maybe it still adds to the clutter in another kitchen in a different house.

Ah ha - the tabard beloved of houseproud old ladies. There are other ways of stopping clothes from getting mucky where you don't have to resort to wearing the ugliest piece of cover up in the world!

The flowery stickers  do nothing to disguise the fact that we're dealing with a wheelie bin here.   It's not turned into a garden statement piece.  As for buying numbers - wouldn't a can of old paint in the shed do the same job?

Am I the only person in the world who doesn't get the point of prolific air freshener use?  Okay there's a can of Neutradol by each loo in the Lovelygrey household for dealing with noxious boy smells. But does a floral smell need to waft from plug sockets or little burners  in each rooms.  It seems so because I couldn't take my snap in the Airwick aisle as the through traffic was constant and therefore  had to resort to photography in the motor section.   Now I thought a room (or a car) could be made sweet smelling by opening windows and a bit of cleaning.  Silly me!

Okay I like things to be spick and span but doesn't sterilising all and sundry go a bit too far?  There's a danger that the entire population could be diagnosed with OCD if this trend for total hygiene took off.

More hygiene gone mad in the form of deodorant for girlie's jubblies.  If there's an nasty niff from down below that cannot be managed with good old soap and water perhaps it's time to see the GP, not mask the problem with a can of spray!


I sincerely hope that the designer of these clip on butterflies that supposedly enhance the look of plants is dissatisified with their work.  And there's yet more products in the range.  How about some plastic flowers if you're not happy with the ones that Mother Nature makes herself?

I viewed the travel department as a good candidate for selling gadgets that were contenders for this post and I spotted what I initially thought was a prime example.  This fan blows air and sprays cool water at the same time. But the more I thought about it, the more I thought how superb that this idea was! It's just a good job that I wasn't shopping in the middle of our recent Indian summer because I might have snapped up all the stock!  And then I came across other things that became more compelling even though they seemed ridiculous at first glance. The moral of the story? Wandering aimlessly in retail land can dangerously meddle with your rationality.  Luckily I escaped this time with my brain and pennies intact!


  1. What a gigle to start the day ! I am a tea & milk kinda girl too - strong, not too much milk but it's got to be there !

    Those are mad ! I did have a milk frother which died very quickly. A sharp knife does for me with most kitchen jobs. I can't stand gadgets but these were fun to look at !

  2. I've visited Traqgo Mills while on holiday in Cornwall. You're right -,it is full of hideous tat, and it's not cheap tat either. Loved your pictorial stroll round there - very funny. Hope you got the milk for your tea!

  3. Ooh I couldn't agree more with you. Horrible, horrible things. Of all those things, I hate the nasty scents the most. I feel almost allergic to them.

  4. Erm, the Household Sterilizer - had vegetables in it? What is the world coming to?

  5. Got the milk although didn't sterilise it before putting it in my tea. I'm of the era where the old adage 'a little dirt doesn't hurt anyone' applied.

  6. Just popping by to answer your question...Don't unplug your hub was the 'decent guy' in question.
    I agree so much with your anti tat post. Could you imagine at a dinner party.."Oh yes, I'm very high up in the useless tat product development team".
    Jane x

  7. great post! I especially 'loved' the flowers for the garbage can or wheelie bin.....who cares how it looks??? And the home sterilizer??? washing cleans things off pretty darn good.