Sunday, 16 October 2011

Tickings Off

Photo by Christian Fischer
In Devon, Lyme disease is right there  amongst the other American imports like Maccy Ds and the Simpsons and I've met a couple of people who've been infected.  The deer ticks that carry this bacterial nasty, which initially causes a bull-eye like rash and/or flu-like symptoms but which can lead to further more serious complications if left undetected,  are prevalent in the woods around here.  This means that  a good thorough bodily search is necessary country walks.  Children and yes, pets, who grub around in the undergrowth, are particularly susceptible to having these creatures attach themselves to them.   Don't forget to check  between fingers and toes, armpits and the groin when looking for the pinhead sized invaders  These troublesome creatures often have a tendency to hide away and remain undetected  in cosy crevices! Once found with their heads buried in the skin  they need to be yanked out with tweezers to reduce infection risk, a routine well known in the Lovelygrey household.

Perhaps, in an attempt to start a zoological collection of gross woodland insects, Mr. Lovelygrey has been bringing home a new creature from his wander, the semi-transparent chappie pictured above.  Behold Claudius, here we have Lipoptena Cervi, or for the non Romans among you, the deer ked.  This little darling is a parasitic bloodsucker laying its egg in the fur of Bambi, his relatives and the odd cow or two. Fortunately humans are not treated as hosts for the baby keds but can suffer a bite which may lead to a hard reddened welt developing.  In extreme cases this can be troublesome and itchy for up to a year.

Anyway....back to ticks of a different kind, those on my 454 item to do list that I started less than a couple of months ago.  Despite being laid up poorly for the majority of this time, there's now only 400 things left.  Lots that I've achieved are really quite simple for example, items  253: getting my email working properly again,  96: Researching how I can blog abroad without being shafted by incurring extortionate data fees and 323: Replacing the screw in my sunglasses.  But 54 items in total completed actually represents a reasonable investment in time and many of those niggling things left undone for some time are no more!

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  1. Those little critters can cause an awful illness in humans - a friend had Lumes disease.
    That's a very impressive " To do " list !