Thursday, 27 October 2011

We Need Daddy!

When you're in a green and verdant landscape like Brittany it's sensible to remember that it has to rain quite frequently to keep it looking its best   Sunny interludes,  like the one depicted here in this  autumnal scene on the estuary at Benodet must be viewed as a blessing.  On this glorious  day Lou and I decided to explore the area on our bikes and found this beautiful beach just before we arrived at the posh marina where my back wheel lost its mojo!

Now I'm not a complete girly wimp when mechanical problems strike but surprisingly I have to confess that even though I've been a keen cyclist since the age of ten I've never administered treatment to a inner tube with a faulty valve. 'WE NEED DADDY!' was the immediate cry from my sexist son as my tyre completely deflated.  He was even keen to procure the  services of the nearest available male, an elderly non English speaking Frenchman to carry out the repair.    I declined his offer and walked my injured mechanical beast of burden back to the apartment.

Now I'm on holiday in a country which is home to many passionate cyclists in the world as evidenced by the fact that it's the host nation of the Tour de France.  As such it seems that every supermarket  nurtures those participating in what must be viewed a national sport and stocks  an amazing array of bicycle spares and tools. Yesterday I bought a new inner tube and other bits and bobs found at my favourite hypermarket, E Leclerc.  Did I need a 'real man' to don his overalls and do the repair for me?  Did I heck but I took a little bit of advice from a 'virtual' chap.   I found the lovely calm Tony  on the Internet who reassured me that my investment in tyre levers had been a wise one as he doesn't advocate the age old habit of improvising using spoons.  He then guided me through the entire procedure including - get this! -  bits I'd already sussed out with my old air filled girly brain.   Proof indeed there's no reason why modern women shouldn't get stuck into those traditional fella's jobs.  After all with a good set of instructions its just the same as following recipes or a sewing pattern!


  1. Congratulations! I'd still fail even with Tony's help, I think. Incidentally, when I saw the lovely photo at the top I thought 'That looks like Benodet' - quite impressive as I camped there in 1975! Happy cycling!

  2. Job well done for an air filled girly brain lol I like the sense of satisfaction Iget fomr foinf chaps jobs! and knowing i have done it jsut as well as a chap could!