Tuesday, 4 October 2011

What Came first: The Chicken or the Sex Toy

I'll start with a slight aside from the main topic. Glancing through my blog's statistics, I noticed, with astonishment, I'd been ranked an unlikely number 11 in  a lust induced  web search on Google Egypt.  A  peek revealed that I was near the top of a  list that included one containing rare African orgy scenes and another which showed an illegal act taking place with a dog! All because I live colourfully between black and white, an American hot pizza was ordered during a meal and I'd talked about going out with the girls! How wrong can a cyber-brain be?  Anyway I'm going to mention the s** word today so goodness knows who'll end up looking here. Hi to those who arrive  accidentally.  You're welcome to look around but you might be disappointed unless you like crafts and motorhomes.  I don't write anything that my mum wouldn't want to read. Hello Mama Lovelygrey too!

Now, I'd planned to put my occupational therapist's hat on and give some precautionary advice about suction grabrails. Under most circumstances I'd be scared to recommend their use. Sure, they're okay for rehab professionals to use during assessment to get an idea of where a rail should go. And even though I still have my reservations, an Amazon reviewer with a disability said that they were just the ticket for putting in unadapted bathrooms on holiday.  However, the one that was bought for Grandpa Lovelygrey before he passed away  fell off the wall  periodically  even though fixing instructions had been followed.  I worry that  if a handle is provided, a frail elderly person could see this as providing extra security, let their guard down and put themselves at increased risk of falling if the blooming thing doesn't stay put.

Right, sensible stuff over. Now we'll get to the really intriguing part of the post that might even get those stray readers hanging around.  Whilst looking for a picture of a stick-on handle I came up with the self-same product repackaged in an entirely different  but inventive way. Ooh err missus!   A brief perusal of the supplier's website indicates that two handles might be more versatile than one.  Grandma might find this doubly helpful too when she comes to stay.  This discovery has lead me to ask the chicken or the egg question.  What came first - the disability aid or the sex toy?

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  1. The mind boggles! I'm thinking the one you feature at the end must be the second 'use' and wondering about the interesting situation that prompted the idea...