Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Wheeler Dealing vs. Decluttering: A Dichotomy Indeed!

Not a pretty sight  I'll admit.  Before Kim and Aggie turn up and ask me if I'm a dirty cow or mad, I'll quickly add that this pile disappeared in the space of yesterday afternoon.  It's not the most conventional way of tidying but dumping everything in a  humungous  heap works for me. In an attempt to have a good clear out of my clothing yesterday I made this fabric moutain and sorted each item individually.  Some pieces form the basis of Lovelygrey's winter collection 2011/12 and have gone back in the chest of drawers and wardrobe.  Others will be shrunk in  vacuum storage bags until next summer. I've also been very ruthless and said bye bye to loads of stuff in accordance with my 'more going out than coming into the house' rule and hence can now open drawers and doors with ease. My surplus is mainly destined for the charity shop when I can drive again later in the week. However one hooded pink cardigan that's worn very infrequently now will be gifted to Barbie Nurse on my return to work that is scheduled for mid-November.  She's had her eye on it since I bought it so it'll be offered a new lease of life!

Going to car boot sales puts plans to downscale possessions seriously at risk.  There's often so many bargains to be had that it sometimes seems like a crime not to liberate them from their pasting tables and take them home. At least that's what Louis and his friend Abi thought because they amassed an amazing six carrier bags of toys from their cheeky but incredibly successful attempts to haggle at the weekend.  'Is that your very best price?' asked Louis after batting those long dark eyelashes had already secured hefty discounts.  I could learn a lot from my son's skills at bartering but he's so tenacious that I'm a bit too embarrassed to watch.

My discounts on the asking price of my own purchases were much more meagre but,  on the plus side my own bargain treasures fitted easily into the pocket of my jeans and I won't have to find a speical place to store my new acquisitions.  This Siam silver brooch is inlayed with Niello, an alloy of copper, silver and lead sulphides which hardened to create a black background on etched metal.  Jewellery of this type was a popular gift from US servicemen posted in the region between the nineteen thirties and the seventies.  The piece portrays the one of the most common subjects seen on these items,  Mekkala, the goddess of lightning.

My other buy is an unusual example of seaside memorabilia.  Forget  'Kiss me Quick' hats.  What a suave man around town needs to bring back fond memories from a holiday in Somerset are his Minehead cufflinks made from a base metal and housed in their own tin which has a cardboard illustration of the resort attached to the lid with a metal bezel.  This souvenir has little intrinsic value but given its age is in good order.  I didn't buy it because it corresponds to my own taste.  Rather I though I'd take a wee punt.  I've never seen an example like it before and I'm hoping that it's unusual enough to sell on at a price that will make a profit.

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  1. I have been doing the very same... going through drawers, wardrobes, cupboards like a woman posessed ( or rather a woman fed up with not being able to open or close a draw anymore ! ) Working in a charity shop, I know the value of " Rags " so made up a big bag for them.

    Your new brooch is lovely. I remember my two having a teddy bear tombola at our housewarming about eight years ago... neighbours' children were going home with armfulls of soft toys much to their mothers' dismay and my two cleared a lot of space in their rooms !

    Thanks for popping by & leaving a comment x