Tuesday, 15 November 2011

A Kick Up the Butt from Kirstie

All those episodes of Kirstie's Handmade Britain are rubbing off  though definitely not the one about flower arranging.   Its not the bag of a sneezy hayfever sufferer For the first time though in ages I've put the sewing machine to use.  To celebrate its inaugural trip out after a long time on the shelf I thought it needed to be used for a project that was a bit more satisfying than routine mending.  And after two broken needles, unexplained blood on the footplate and a bit of the old Anglo Saxon rhetoric - ta, ta!   I unveil for you my latest completed needlepoint cushion.

The canvas was created in the olden days and it was finished at least six years ago as I was living in my former home in Exeter.  I think it might even pre-date Louis.  Now, in those immortal words of Bryan Adams 'Everything I do, I do for you' dear blog readers.  So if I were embarking on this project today, you'd be provided with the reference for this piece so you could make your own if fancy took you.  Alas, I can't remember where this design came from.  I know it was in a library book and am fairly certain its not a design by Kaffe Fassett or any of his Ehrman chummers.  Nor do I think its by Beth Russell.  A trawl through Devon's catalogue did not enlighten me so if anyone chances across this and knows the source, I'd be eternally indebted - well okay grateful for a little while anyway.

So what's there to say about this piece. Unlike my current stitching project which I'm finding an effort  I remember that it was extremely enjoyable stitching these simple but effective animal images, in their monochrome hues.  All but one are in black and white except for the pink pig who wanted to stand out from the crowd a little.  It's a pity I didn't get my finger out so I could enjoy the finished cushion a bit sooner.  Have I learnt my lesson?  We'll  see if the proof's in the pudding at a later stage!


  1. That's lovely and so different. I can imagine children loving to keep this to themselves whilst making up stories about the animals. Well done!