Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The Alphabetical Tourist: Argentina

Today's post is such a difficult one for a Brit.  I'm going to have to write about this South American country without mentioning corned beef  or the Falkland's War AND resist breaking out into a rendition of 'Don't Cry for Me Argentina'.  Believe me - this song from Evita is going round and round in my head as I write.  No, what I have to do is touch upon stuff that I didn't know about this country before today.  So where shall I start?

Well, let's begin with mentioning Aconcagua as I love mountains.  Yet I'd never heard of this one even though it's the highest in the Southern and Western hemispheres.  Apparently it's the tallest non technical mountain in the world, apparently a breeze if approached from its northern side. I could have posted a pretty picture of it but even I will admit that one peak looks much like many others.  Instead I chose this still from a 1942 Disney cartoon caused Pedro, so named after a little aeroplane with a face who has a scary brush with the spooky looking mountain.  I try to source non copyright pictures but loved this image so much that I'd thought I'd use it even though I'm blowed if I can work out whether I'm legitimately allowed to or or not.  If there are any legal beagles out there, suss it out for yourselves here.

Sourced from Wikipedia from
So, back to mundane humdrum day to day events in this country which I reckon must be a dictatorship run by Proctor & Gamble.  In case you're puzzled by this conclusion I'll explain.  The normal garb for Argentinian schoolchildren is a white smock.   Any mother will know that this is madness as this shade is a total dirt magnet  Once I bought Louis a hoodie that was predominantly white that became a splattered multi-coloured mess in the space of five minutes every time he wore it.  I gave it away fairly quickly.   To stay clean Argentinian children must take at least twenty of these garments to school in their PE bag and their mums must stay up half the night using a ton of soap powder to ensure that their little darlings remain remotely clean and keep up with the Jones - or Perons.

To add a little colour to today's offering I turned to Wikipedia's Argentinian art pages.  Every so often when I discover an artist my heart skips a beat.  Normally, I have a penchant for stuff produced in the 20th century.  Okay, occasionally work from the late 19th century grabs me as well.  But this cartoon-like drawing by Paucke Florian from a gallery in Buenos Aires which dates from the middle of the 1700s depicting honey gatherers really floats my boat.  And there's more of his work which I love too that I've found by going for a little wander on the Web.  I'll share more on another day once I've done a bit more research.

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  1. LOVE the song "don't cry for me Argentia' and today I learned something about the country. White? why would parents allow their children to wear white to school? I'd revolt. LOL