Sunday, 20 November 2011

Chaos Theory and the Knicker Drawer

Every so often things get out of hand on the domestic front and have to be sorted as an emergency. This week, my underwear drawer proved to be an excellent example of this.   For though I'd honed down my other clothes in the transition from my summer to my winter wardrobe I neglected the knickers and just stuffed a lot of tights and socks in their normally neat home resulting in this corner of shame in the master bedroom.

Now according to chaos theory there are little pockets of order in what is seemingly the nastiest mess.  But I really couldn't see any evidence of it here.   There was nothing for it but to get organised,  wade in and  throw out all that had become holey and grey!

1 comment:

  1. A tidy smalls drawer sounds divine.

    We get chucked out bras donated in bags of clothes at the charity shop... we've used them to give the " girls " ( the mannekins ) a bit of shape & a tiny bit of colour peeping out of their blouses. We are currently supplying the village panto cast with bras too ! Amazing what gets recycled around here !