Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Crest of A Wave Necklace

Another very busy day yesterday! I cut my hair pretty much symmetrically with the help of carefully arranged mirrors from around the home, made a visit to the hospital and was discharged from their care. And I had an eye test, the consequence of which is that I have been told that I must bite the bullet, forego vanity and wear my varifocal glasses pretty much all the time to prevent more rapid sight deterioration in future.  So, I've chosen some snazzy new frames as part of my specky makeover to be revealed in a couple of weeks time!

In between all of this running around I had a lovely time multi-tasking in my study/workroom.this morning.   Courtesy of Channel 4OD I caught up with the latest episodes of Kirstie's Handmade Britain.   It was so comforting to see someone else uttering expletives like a fish wife when their artistic endeavours go wrong.   It proves that craft is not just for delicate feminine souls.   Wow! - I so want to run off right then and try some of the papercraft featured on the show, and so clutter up the place with yet more unfinished projects.  But with amazing foresight I decided to watch the programme whilst restringing some beads and  so my attention was averted from  starting something new.  The pictures here show the resultant and, yes indeed, completed 'Crest of A Wave' necklace, partially named this because of my current bouncy mood.

I bought a necklace which was the source of these blue glass beads on Ebay.  The listing said that they were Edwardian Murano but I'm not sure enough of their provenance to use that description when I come to sell my piece.  Even so they're very beautiful and I decided that they needed something special to complement them rather than the tatty blue cord and cheap steel findings found on the original.   So I've twisted and bashed some silver wire flat on my cute tiny anvil and added tiny fishes to the funky wave form.  Hey presto!  I've ended up with a necklace where the catch can be worn either at the front or the back.

As my health is improving by the day, I'm ready to start to implement my plan to diversify how I produce my income.  Of course this is at hobby stage yet but who know's where my leisure time experiments might lead me.  Ebay selling of vintage jewellery is underway and look out for items listed in my Folksy shop by the end of the week!