Friday, 11 November 2011

Eleven Eleven Eleven

I'm later than usual posting today because I've been off on a proper journalistic assignment - covering the assembly at Louis' school!  I can't post any of the pictures of the actual event due to modern ideas about other people's children in photographs.  However I did snap my proud Cub Scout son after the event with his Flander's field poppy that he had held swaying in the breeze during a recital.

The children sang songs and hymns and read poetry and prayers that  reflected on those who have sacrificed their lives in service from the First World War to the current time and expressed hopes of peace in the future.  This was augmented by still images of conflict, war graves and the memorial events at the Cenotaph in London projected as a backdrop.  Devon is a county with strong military connections with his air and naval bases and the Marine Commando training base at Lympstone so Remembrance Day is rightly a big deal around here.  In order to give a sense of how relevant the work of the Royal British Legion is today, a captain from the Commandos read a poem written by one of his troop in Afghanistan.  This was a poignant end to a moving assembly.

I've posted this to show current and previous members of the armed service that the tradition of remembrance is alive and well and is being passed down to our children.  Hopefully the pharse  'lest they forget' will not be applicable for a long time.

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  1. We know Lympstone very well - both my father & uncle were Royal Marines.

    What a wonderful poppy to carry during the service. Joe will be marching with his Explorers' troop to the war memorial for the laying of wreaths on Sunday.