Friday, 18 November 2011

First Wheelie Dealings

My first fortnight as an Ebay seller got off to a rocky start.  After a premature celebration that I'd made my first sale of some lovely glittery diamante brooches to a bloke in the Highlands he turned out to be reluctant to get those dusty pennies out of his sporran and refused to communicate with me to boot.  Only after I'd taken action to report him as a non paying buyer and mentally wished a midge attack up his kilt upon him has he finally coughed up.  Maybe he was  telepathic and I'd put the wind up him!

This is another of my items that's sold, this time without any hitches. It's been knocking around in my 'stock' box for a couple of months now and I was a little sorry to see it go.  The pendant dates from the 1930s or 40s and is from Siam - or Thailand as its known now.  Just before and during the Second World War troops went there for R&R and often sent home jewellery gifts of this type to their loved ones.  A lot of the pieces were decorated with Niello, a type of black enamel but this one's with its textured turquoise enamel is a little more unusual. It depicts Nang Fa, the Thai fairy of happiness, sprinkling stardust from her hand.  Isn't the story behind some of this old stuff part of its fascination?

One of the barriers I've come up against selling my own stuff in my Folksy shop is that lots of the silver jewellery I've made is too heavy to be sold without being hallmarked and I haven't got my own stamp yet.  In the meantime I've been trying to focus on buying lovely pieces to clean up, mend and sell on at a profit.  What I'm learning is that I have to be strict about setting a price that I want to pay and sticking to it.  I fell in love with this Orno  ring so deeply that I had to stop myself getting carried away and making a huge bid.  Sadly it went to another buyer and I hope they gain a lot of pleasure from it.  The unusual design has given me an idea of some pieces of my own though - so watch this space!

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  1. You`ve posted this note few years ago but I need to comment it ;) Ormo ring you`ve posted wasn`t created by this Orno Jewelery. It was made by polish jewelery company ORNO (liquidated in 90). The heads that are on the ring are based on Polish tale "Jacek i Agatka".