Thursday, 17 November 2011

Le Tour Curly Wurly

Image Courtesy of Quite Peculiar's Photostream
On my journeys around the South Hams and West Devon for work a background soundtrack from BBC's Radio 4 is essential.  Imagine my dismay the other day when I popped out in the car and found my radio had been completely de-tuned by a small experimental person who, luckily after a few sharp words, managed to reinstate my FM pre-tuned stations within seconds.  How he does that I'll never know. Grrr!

One offering that  often absorbs me is the 'Food Programme' and this week's episode particularly held my attention.  It reported on the Experimental Food Society who exist to extend the boundaries of food appreciation beyond  the sense of taste.  Have a butchers around the link that I've provided to see some of the extraordinary creations that have been displayed at the society's spectaculars and events.

The bit of the programme that really grabbed my attention was a mention of a model Eilffel Tower made out of Curly Wurly chocolate bars.  I was inspired to look it up on line and here it is.  Just the thing to knock up for a quick midweek family dessert methinks!


  1. I'll never look at a Curlywurly in the same way again! x

  2. Right ho...I'm off to the Co-Op to buy some curlywurlys !

  3. I love Curly Wurlys - but aren't they small these days?