Friday, 18 November 2011

It's Pudsey Day!

This weekend in the UK marks the culmination of the BBC's  annual Children in Need appeal with the massive Manchester concert last night which featured acts as mighty as Lady Gaga and Coldplay and tonight's spectacular hosted by that national treasure, Terry Wogan, who just happens to have been adopted from Ireland.  It just goes to show that you don't have to have red, white and blue blood flowing through your veins to be festooned with this honour.

Now I normally cast a few pennies in the way of this worthwhile appeal but Louis and his mate, the mini Zoe Wannamaker, got really enthusiastic about fundraising this year.  So, fuelled by Blue Peter, the kid's programme with its uber-retro appeal they got busy baking.  Then they roped in me and Mama Wannamaker to supervise them in their journey around our estate selling ginger shortbread, cookies, lemon drizzle cake, sausage rolls,  cheese scones and cornflake crispies and raised an impressive £78!  To reward them for their efforts, I decided to give into pester power and buy both kids the Lego Pudsey from Asda that Louis has been lusting after for the last month.  He cost £4 and,  for those of you stuck for ideas, is a great idea for a stocking filler for the forthcoming festive seaason.  Staff in the store weren't entirely sure about his whereabouts but I managed to find him  on the shelves next to the checkout.

Now Louis has been getting far more creative with his Lego lately.  I'm particularly impressive with the motorhome complete with wings and jet turbines to allow it to fly across the Atlantic to fly transatlantic. If only they'd come up with a similar attachment for my beloved Knaus and then the Lovelygrey family could travel to the UK in our own second home on wheels rather then being cooped up in cattle class on a jumbo jet.  But alas, technology is not as advanced on Earth as it is in Lego World and it's not to be.

Pudsey hasn't escaped having a  imaginative makeover and being transformed from his sweet vulnerable personna into a creature that rather more sinister.  With just a few tweaks to his component bricks he becomes 'Evil Rabbit' who, according to Louis is his arch enemy.  Let's hope that this zombie creatures superpowers are not fully unleashed tonight, that Pudsey survives and lots of money are raised for very worthwhile charities!

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  1. Congratulations to Louis and Zoe (and their assistants) on an impressive total. I think the Pudseys were well deserved!