Sunday, 27 November 2011

The Modified Mindset

I've spoken about my acute dislike of ironing before but there's now been  a complete 180 degree turnaround in how I now view this task. A few months back I wrote about making this task a little more bearable  Now I've integrated just a few more tweaks into how this once onerous task is carried out and hey presto! it's been transformed  into something that I actually look forward to.  Well blow me down guv'nor!  So, here's how I've managed to achieve this unbelievable feat..

  • Adjusting the ironing board to bed height so that I can sit down rather than stand up prevents those grumbling achy feet.
  • A glass or cup of something special - on this occasion a nicely chilled semillon/chardonnay.  Better still after this photo was taken I added a treat filled bowl of nibbles to my snacking stash.
  • And most important of all  - I've made this chore into 'Me Time' by watching programmes on my computer that the boys spurn.  I'm avidly working through 'Kirstie's Homemade Home' currently.  Mentioning this reminds me to draw your attention to the Channel 4 excellent crafts webpages.
And while I'm at it can I home into what's on the ironing board?  It's one of Mama Lovelygrey's latest makes and my absolute favourite garment at the moment that looks great with thick black tights and biker boots.  It's made from just a metre of Michael Miller cotton that I bought from Fumble Fabrics and I'm going to draw your attention to a piece of brilliant detail - the covered button near the right hand corner which has a white wheel right in its centre.  Genius!  The pattern is a bog standard jeans skirt pattern that was quite tricky to find but eventually I came across  Burda 7437 which was just what I was after.  At the moment this manufacturer's wares seem to be available in the UK at a meaty 50% off so grab yourself a bargain to kickstart a sewing project to while away those long winter evenings!

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