Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Open All Hours

My friend married a man with the surname 'Burke' and kept her own name.  So as to enlighten my non English readers 'berk', which is pronounced in the same way, is slang for idiot.  What I hadn't realised is that it's derived from the cockney slang for 'Berkshire Hunt'.  You can work out the rather naughty Anglo Saxon term it rhymes with yourself.   I bet that there weren't many of us innocently using this term who knew that!

Anyway, that's an aside.  I was ultra busy yesterday.  After driving back from Plymouth after a night of whetting my whistle with wine to bid Bon Voyage to Salty Dog, the femme fatale of  the seas, I got on with some selling.  D'you know, barring cars and houses, I don't ever think I've undertake this activity on my own behalf before.  Sure I've pulled pints in a pub, plied my bric a brac wares at the school fete and suchlike but I've had a mental barrier about flogging stuff for my own gain.  Weird isn't it?  Anyway in order to work on my long term plan of diversifying my earnings I've thrown caution to the wind, jumped the hurdle and now I'm in the throes of selling.  There's no brooms, brushes or buckets though.  Just pre-worn jewellery that is being listed on Ebay and yesterday bits and pieces that I've created myself finally started to trickle into my Folksy shop whose entrance is at the top of my right hand side bar.  Gulp! My teeny tiny business is open and I'm interested to see how my little entrepreneurial experiment will develop over the next few months.

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  1. I didn't know that about the origin of the word 'berk' I probably won't use it again now that I know, thank you for telling me!

    Love the picture of the shop, I have a bit of a thing for shops of that sort, especially one in Dorset, who's name escapes me.

    Well done on the selling, I hope it goes well for you.