Tuesday, 8 November 2011

My Inner Devonian

Question:  How many Devonians does it take to change a lightbulb?
Answer:  Two: one to change it and the other to say how nice the old one was!

I need to be adopted by the county that I've lived in for the last twenty eight years.  This will not happen, of course, even though I've tried to bribe the natives here into accepting me by portraying a retro bulb rather than the curly wurly eco-type.   To be truly accepted your ancestry has to go back as far as Francis Drake.  It also goes without saying that, from birth, you must know the correct order in which to assemble the scone, clotted cream and jam compilation that forms the main part of a cream tea.

It is not enough to mourn the demise of old technological wizardry that has been replaced by the new like I was doing yesterday.  Both my camera and fancy pants new  Android phone need recharging what seems like every five minutes.  Even when the battery in my old smartphone, which did the job of these two devices, were running down at the end of their life, it seemed everlasting compared to those in its replacements.  My plan to take and download photos of jewellery I'd made  went to pot as a consequence.  Instead I spent the afternoon turning the air blue by swearing at my computer because the programme that should allow me to back up information doesn't work.  It keeps telling me to retry plugging the phone into the computer's USB port again and if that doesn't work to replace the device!  Surely there should be something about throwing it out of the window as well? Aarrgh!!

I'm sure everything will turn out as right as rain eventually and I'll grow to love my  new toys.   But today I fancy going right back to the olden days and spending time restricting reliance to handtools, textbooks and candlelight!

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  1. I nearly threw Computer AND laptop out yesterday both driving me mad AND I had to replace an old lightbulb with a curly whirly one !