Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Normal Again!

Courtesy of Apple's Eye Studio
After just under four months of  leave I'm back to work today with my doctor's blessing!  I am nigh on 'normal' again and here's how I know it.
  • I do not keel over after a trip to the postbox or have to rest for the next forty eight hours after a particularly busy day.
  • There's no feeling of having to force myself to do the things that I enjoy.  I just go ahead and do it.
  • I've been out in the evening after having a fairly full on day.
  • I'm only take two pills each day rather than thirty two.
  • The house is clean and tidy and it doesn't feel particularly onerous to keep it that way.
  • Things that seemed like a real achievement when I was poorly such as making a sandwich for lunch or climbing the stairs have had their former insignificance restored.
  • I can wear what I want rather than having to dress in baggy stuff to be comfortable and pain free.
  • I'm planning and scheming outrageously with many projects again on the boil.
  • I can fulfil my role as a mum properly again.
  • After a good night's sleep I feel rested and not just as shattered as I felt when I went to bed.
There's still a bit more to do including establishing a regular exercise regime but I reckon I'm ninety per cent there!  I'm extremely grateful to all those skilled and compassionate staff  in the NHS who helped me on the road to recovery. Now I'm going back to work in the same organisation and hope that I too will be able to give the same excellent levels service to those who come under my own care.


  1. Have a good first day back - I'm sure they'll be glad to see you!

  2. Hurray! Well done you. I hope work is enjoyable when you're back 'in harness' (euugguggh)

  3. Good news indeed, I hope you enjoy being back.

  4. sounds great! and ya always nice to wear what you want that makes you happy, and I need to start exercising more too!

  5. Great news! Have a good first day back. x

  6. Glad that your surgery went well! =)