Saturday, 26 November 2011

Skateboarding Saturday

Late posting today as I had a lie in first thing.  Being back at work is a little more tiring than I was expecting so more shut-eye than usual is required.  But Lou and I still turned up at the local skate park on the edge of Dartmoor far earlier than any of the teens.  It might be that the rumours that they stay in bed until way into the afternoon are absolutely true.

Lou's not a traditional team game kind of person.  I think it might be in the genes because neither of his parental families are keen on football, rugby or cricket, those English staples which can prevent kids as they get older going off the rails.  So, I'm trying to introduce the type of activities that will hold his attention and will have a good chance of keeping him on the straight and narrow as he grows up.  In the last few weeks skateboarding has enthused him big time and I've been so impressed by how the youthful 'dudes' who use skate parks around here are courteous, considerate and helpful to the teeny peeps who scoot,skate and cycle precariously amongst them.

There's a list of rules posted at the skate park that, rightly prohibit the use of drugs and alcohol and promote safe use of the facility.  All seem to be adhered to except those that dissuade dropped rubbish  The situation is not helped by the fact that there's no bins provided so I'm going to make the parish council aware of this.  In the meantime here's the results of my litter picking  There's just a lot of empty containers for water and energy drinks and crisps and chocolate packets - no needles, alcopop bottles or beer cans.  Evidence that the young people around here aren't the delinquents that the press would like them portrayed?

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  1. I'm fairly certain that young people in most areas are like yours, it is just that they are not newsworthy. I blame the media!