Saturday, 5 November 2011

Squirrelling away the Nuts

Just writing the title today has rustled up memories of that old song, 'Here we go gathering nuts in May'. What a ridiculous pursuit!  Unless perhaps you live in the Southern Hemisphere.  Does autumn for my fellow earthlings who live upside down on this planet bring the same seasonal harvest?  My botanical knowledge does not stretch to this.

Anyway, I bet you thought that this might be a foraging post given the time of year but ha! it's not.  On Thursday I went to pay in some cheques at one of the banks in Bovey Tracey, my nearest town.  The task in hand prompted me to take my camera. For above the door and over the cashpoint machine at NatWest,  there are a pair of charming plaques depicting thrifty squirrels!   They're hard to snap as the pavement is narrow and it's quite a busy little town.  So I only managed to take a picture of this fellow as I didn't want to get in the way of people taking out their money.  I'll add him to the post at a later stage and let you know when he's there!

I've been indulging in that dangerous occupation of thinking.  Perhaps the squirrel is the wrong animal to depict over the cashpoint anyway?   Even though the machine dispenses notes,  I'll work with metaphor. Surely the magpie, with its propensity to grab shiny objects should be there?  And perhaps the bank should consider a new plaque portraying a creature that's a borrower too?  However, I'm at a loss to find one so any suggestions will be gratefully received!

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