Friday, 25 November 2011

That's Me That Is!

In the last few days I've been feeling chuffed with myself.  Now I can don a hastily crafted mortarboard hat and say 'I am a published academic'!  With my confidence buoyed up from a few months of posting on my blog last year, I set about writing something serious where I couldn't rely on toilet humour, weird ramblings or confessions about failed craft projects to meet the fifteen hundred word count.  My article was submitted last December and since then I've learnt about how long the process of getting something to print in a serious journal can be.  After acceptance of my piece I had to make  revisions suggested by reviewers who're experts in the field of occupational therapy.  Last month my work was subjected to the frightening scrutiny of an editor who went through it like someone picking tiny stones out of rice.  At her behest I agreed each further teeny revision.  Somewhere a semi colon was inserted even though I've never really worked out their purpose and still haven't fathomed it out.  Finally, finally I've been rewarded by seeing my name in print!

'Look that's my mum that is!'  said Louis excitedly as he showed the cover of the journal to a disinterested friend who'd come to play.  Luckily my target audience have shown a little more enthusiasm.  I've had lovely messages from strangers and old friends  and been asked to talk at a study day.

This success has been particularly important to me in a year where I've been ill for much of the time and achieved so much less than usual.  My subject matter, highlighting the positive and negative effects that medication can have on actively has been particularly pertinent personally.  Now, I'm inspired to give another writing project a go.  Next stop - Fleet Street!


  1. Yes go for it, you certainly have a talent. I've had a few articles published, but never had to go through the scrutiny you have. I wouldn't know what to do with a semi colan either :o) I wonder what they would make of it if you inserted a smiley

  2. Well done - sounds very high brow (what with that semi-colon in it...) Have a great weekend. I'm off to create to an orderly knicker drawer, following your excellent example!

  3. Ooh, congratulations. I'm one of the weirdos who wield the semi-colons, so I know just how laborious the whole process is.

  4. Very well done, congratulations!

  5. Fantastic! Really well done, it must have been such a thrill to see it published!

  6. Congratulations! It must be wonderful to see your work published.