Tuesday, 1 November 2011

A Treat That Did the Trick

Remember last week that I said that it looked like the Indian summer that I'd hoped for on holiday had not materialised?  Well Friday turned out to be glorious..  Also, do you recall how smug I was when I'd 'mended' that my bike with the help of Jeff?  Again I spoke  too soon.  As Louis and I headed out for a cycle to enjoy the sunshine I noticed that my ride was not as smooth as it should have been.  On stopping to check I found that although most of my tyre was satisfactorily inflated there was a 'squshy' flat portion - a kink in the inner tube perhaps?  With my new found mechanical skills I whipped the tyre levers out of my handlebar bag and rectified the problem.  But.....just  I was about to pop the wheel back on, Louis came bouncing along and kicked the nut that holds the skewer  through the back wheel in place.  It sailed through the air, off the sea wall and ended up in a rocky area, never to be seen again.  Who knows a hermit crab may have recycled it and it is now being used in his shell as a handy stool as we speak?  Being a risk taking type of girl we gingerly continued our ride round to some glorious coves like this one.  I rustled up my rusty knowledge of physics and reckoned correctly that the downward force of my not insubstantial bottom would be sufficient to keep the wheel in place!

Now the idea of a trip away to gee along my recovery from my operation came to me as I'd been overwhelmed with everything that needed doing around the home, that had mounted up whilst I'd been ill.  By  leaving everything behind, apart from my son, I hoped that I could focus on relaxing back into the more simple  routine that a holiday allows and as such wouldn't feel the need for constant rests.  And it's worked.  Yesterday was my first normally busy day for months.  Amongst other things,  I made Louis' lunch,  cleaned the fridge and the cooker, went for a walk,  listed vintage jewellery on Ebay to sell,  made phone calls and, under protest, took the kids out trick or treating. And, this morning, joy of joys, I'm ready to be as productive again.  Let's hope I can keep up the momentum and my scheduled return to work in two weeks can go ahead!


  1. So glad to hear you're so much better -- you can hear the chirpiness in your post. Onwards and upwards. x

  2. It is so good to know that you are far along the road to recovery, as Jane says you can hear it in your writing.