Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Bobbing Along the Bottom of the Beautiful Briney Sea

Being poorly for much of this year scuppered many of my busy, busy plans for 2011.  One of the things that had to be put on hold was upping my participation in voluntary activities.  But with fingers firmly crossed I'm hoping that 2012 will be different.  At the Blue Reef Aquarium in Bristol I came across a leaflet highlighting a project that grabbed my attention and I've already acted upon it by making email contact to find out how I can get involved.

The Beachwatch Scheme run by the Marine Conservation Society  focuses on fighting against marine litter which eventually comes ashore around our coasts. .  The organisation run a Big Weekend every September where litter is collected and surveyed.  There are also  quarterly events run at a smaller number of  locations which aim to build up a  more detailed picture of the the seasonal variation in what is washed up and when.

Now grubbing around collecting stuff in an outdoor environment is one of the things that really floats my boat, an apt expression under in this case.  Whether foraging for wild food, gathering natural craft materials or litter picking, I'm in my element so it doesn't take rocket science to see why this opportunity appealed to me.  However, it seems that there is nobody who currently runs these events on the beaches that are closest to home.  So it might not just be a case of just turning up somewhere that I'm told to on a certain day wielding bin bags and gloves.  I'm therefore giving careful thought as to whether I can spare the additional time to undertake the Chief Honcho role  myself and rustle a posse of willing hardworking volunteers of all age.   If like me, an awareness of this project has whetted your interest and you'd like to find our more, go to the Society's website to find out how you may be notified of events near you.  And for the very keen there's a facilitators pack give guidance about how to organisie these events yourself.

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