Saturday, 31 December 2011


Sometimes I wonder what my twenty year old self would make of her older manifestation  some quarter of  a century on. Sure  I'd like to think that she'd have been proud of the way that I partied at the end of 1999, the year that Prince,Symbol or whatever he's called these days, rightfully celebrated so memorably in that classic song.  Seeing the millennium out with my arms around a couple of  near stranger  in a suburban lounge whilst simultaneously declaring everlasting love to all present and drunkenly bellowing out 'Hi ho, Silver Lining' would have been a disappointing way to mark this super special date. Instead I made sure that was truly a momentous occasion by arranging to see the last eruption of Old Faithful  before midnight and then partying until the earlier hours in the the nearby Snow Lodge.

But tonight, I'm staying in.  There's some wine in the fridge and a tub of Cheddars but that's as far as the excitement goes.  And d'you know, even though my kohl eyed younger counterpart, would have been utterly disgusted with this state of affairs, I'm perfectly happy to be such a saddo,   There's been enough drama in 2011 so I'll see in out with a whimper rather than a bang.  Pop back tomorrow and rather predictably I'll let you in on my plans for 20121


  1. Well I will be boring with you then. I have volunteered to have Henry choc lab on a sleepover, so my friends can go out and get blathered with their friends. Me and Hen will be in bed before midnight. Happy New Year.

  2. Me too, I'm at home, watching Alan Carr on TV, with the rest of the christmas sherry and some chocs. Happy New Year.