Friday, 23 December 2011

For Those Nosey Parkers!

Meanqueen was disappointed that I did not give her a look around my motorhome when I posted my grown up Wendy House piece the other day. So after hiding odds and sods under duvets  I took some photies the other morning when Lou was still jim-jammed up.  This will give you all an idea of what the inside of our sixteen year old German home on wheels is like.  As for the exterior have a look at a post I wrote yonks ago about kitting it out.

Through the main entrance to the living accommodation and on your left is our kitchen.  The unit houses a two ringed hob with that all important fridge underneath and the sink with cutlery drawer and kitchen utensils cupboard below.  The silvery thing against the window and grey thingy at the right of the picture are fold down worksurfaces.  Food storage is in two further cupboards that are out of view.  Really, without taking a tin opener to the roof anyone would find it tricky taking pictures in here.

And behind the kitchen we have an area that's more versatile in most vans. Many family motorhomes have bunk beds which tend to be fixed. Ours can be configured to make the ideal living space for a family of three. It consists of a top bunk that can be left in situ.  In the daytime it's used to store the insulated sheets that go on the windscreen at night.  Below there's the smaller of two tables - and seats which of course cleverly convert into another bed or big day sofa for those lounge lizardy moments.  The bench opposite Louis houses his toy box and the other is accessible from the outside of the van and is a treasure trove in its own way.  No good or silver here but for those looking for beach stuff, vegetables, tools and the stuff used to service the toilet, it's very handy indeed.  Oh and there's shelves along the back wall which we use for books.  These have the tendency to shed their load as we go round corners on the road.
Over to the other side of the van at the back we have the optimistically named 'bathroom'.  The tap can double as a shower head if its hooked on the wall but it would make a right royal mess and use a week's worth of water.  Ideally Mr Lovelygrey would prefer the toilet to be only for decorative purposes.  Much fuss is made emptying it.  Deposit a number two there at your peril.  Funnily enough small children are fascinated by the idea of a loo in a cupboard and often ignore the 'house rules' on their visits.  This provides me with a furtive giggle or two.  Again there's plenty of storage.   Under the washbasin is the home for cleaning materials and theirs also airline type lockers above the mirror which house towels, medicines and toiletries.

On past the wardrobe which is home to a big metal tube.  Not for pole dancing whilst playing sardines but the means by which the satellite dish is adjusted.  A small cupboard underneath houses the boiler supplying heating and hot water. So now we're back to the main living area of the van with a four seater table.  This can convert into a double bed.  In theory this is a six berth but you'd have to be thin swingers to be happy living in such close proximity.  Under the seats here you'll find our dirty laundry(!) a gas bottle and the water tank.  The TV can be powered from our leisure battery if mains isn't available.  This in turn is charged up by a solar panel on the roof.

Here you can just about see the king sized bed above the cab and the observant of you will also spot the passenger seat that Mr Lovelygrey modified so it spins and provides extra seating for watching junky TV that is standard fare on holiday.  Forget thought provoking documentaries and bring on frothy light entertainment like 'Come Dine with Me' and 'Bargain Hunt'.

So there you have it - a tour around my tiny second home.  Because it's been so rainy today and we're both a bit pooped because of a hectic schedule when Mama and Papa Lovelygrey were here in the city too we've spent the day chilling and hardly been out. You'd think that it was easy to go stir crazy in such a small space but because of the layout which allows for us to use living areas in different ways we've been absolutely fine!

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  1. Thank you for that tour, it looks so comfortable, and you have all mod cons. An excellent use of space. I had to laugh at your toilet antics :o)