Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Full of Woe - No!!

Because I've got so much unused holiday due to extended sick leave, I'm having a day off weekly  until the end of the  financial year.  This has caused a penny to drop.  In the past I thought that, if I reduced my hours down from full time hours to a four day week I'd plump for long weekends and take Mondays or Fridays off.  Fine if I headed off on mini breaks skiing, walking or suchlike all the time but with a school aged child this just doesn't happen.  With the benefit of  experience, I've found that, for me,  Wednesday is the winner as regards being the best day to take off.

It means that usually I'd only ever have two consecutive days at work unless I had training or a special event.    Wednesday would represent a little oasis of bliss  allowing  me to recharge the batteries when most of the population are working. The traditional territory of the child of woe would thus be usurped by the happy infant because the creation of a mini weekend in the middle of the week!


  1. Having re-organised my work pattern this year I also opted for Wednesdays off in the weeks that I work. It was because I kept losing my voice, and I thought that way I'd only ever have two days on the trot of non-stop talking, but now my voice seems stronger I will happily stick with it . If the opportunity for a long weekend ever comes up, I'm sure I could re-arrange for that week. Mondays or Fridays off always end up getting completely overtaken by housework and chores!

  2. When I was working for an agency I always opted for days off mid week and worked through the weekend. I much preferred working when others weren't.