Thursday, 8 December 2011

Fun Freebie Festive Filler!

As the title says -  FFFF! and I'll add a few more Fs besides.  You're not going to get many Christmas themed posts from me as I don't go in for this over-commercialised holiday in a big way.  I love a special seasonal nosh up with the family and, as the mother of a school age child, I don't advocate the complete bah humbug approach of ignoring the festivities altogether. This is a special time of year for kids and I wouldn't deny my son some kind of celebration.  Nor would I want him to ignore the significant underlying meaning of the occasion even though I'm not a Christian myself.

Way back now I sorted out Lou's Christmas presents for ths year and set myself a reasonable budget that I've stuck to rigourously.  But there is a bit of a gap in his stocking and I'm looking to fill it with some freebies.  This is one of the things I've come up with - a rubber ball which started life from the elastic bands that the postman uses to gather my parcels together.  I just scrunched a few into a sphere and over the months have kept going, augmenting my original source with bands  I've found in the odds and sods drawer, a phenomenon that manifests itself in most kitchens.  My bouncy creation is now about two inches in diameter but it's not a fait-accompli. My vision is that Louis will add to it with his own stretchy finds and one day it might even make it into the Guinness Book of Records.  After all this is one of this esteemed tome's entries.

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  1. Our postie parks his car outside my house every morning and goes off in the post van, then he returns about ten ish with his haul of mail to start delivering it.

    I pick up all the elastic bands which he so merrily scatters around, and hang them on my gate post. A little boy up the road collects them when he is passing and does just the same as you. He must have quite a few balls by now.