Monday, 26 December 2011

Just Finished Reading: Pillow Talk

Holidays are the season for reading volumes of quality chick-lit and here's one I finished in the motorhome  by torchlight yesterday. I didn't want to turn on all the lights and give away the fact that the Lovelygrey family were surreptitiously snoozing on a public highway!   I'm still slower than I used to be in my reading behaviour but tiny business, Louis, Christmas, forward planning and a return to work is keeping me busy, busy, busy and there's less time to shove my nose in a book.

Pillow Talk from Freya North weaves together a couple of things that  attract me - sleep disturbance, a professional interest and shiny bauble making.  The heroine is a jeweller, aptly named Petra, and tells the story of the emergence of her romance  with an ex-child sweetheart,  the rather lush, Arlo.  'How rugged sounding,' I thought, Indeed this word actually means 'manly' which this hero certainly is.   Raaaa!  But as my nephew's fiancee, a kindred Essex girl has pointed out, it's exactly how the inhabitants of Harlow pronounce the name of their home town.  So I've will not be bestowing it on the miracle baby that has the slimmest of chances of being conceived in my late forties or fifties!

This is definitely a girl's book that I will not be passing on to Mr Lovelygrey to read.  However, I'm sure that it's next recipient, Scary Secretary, will love it even though the subject matter will not have the same personal pull for her.  It's a real page turner and unlike, much of the writing of this genre, hasn't annoyed me by being too trite or cliche ridden.   I'm  reminded me that I must schedule in visits to the jewellery quarters in London and Birmingham  in the near future and also provided me with interesting information about the precious stone, tanzanite.  Now I knew that there was a limited supply of this stuff that will all have been excavated in the next couple of decades.  But what I didn't know know was this rare gem has a unique ethical provenance.  Read about it here.

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