Sunday, 18 December 2011

Motorhome Mooring

Christmas preparations have been minimised this year.  It's the first one in yonks that the crowds haven't been over to Lovelygrey Villas.  So with festive chores down to a reasonable level we've made an escape to one of my favourite cities - the South West enclave of Bristol.

Handily the Caravan Club has a location right on the banks of the River Avon.  It's just a stone's throw - or more accurately, a pleasant ferry ride, walk or cycle to the city centre.  And there's a lovely  pub, the Cottage Inn, next door which sells proper beer and hearty fare.  Its cosy interior was full when we arrived late yesterday lunchtime and had an atmosphere akin to one of Dicken's more cheerful scenes.  Pre-Christmas Scrooge and Uriah Heap were nowhere to be seen among the Bristol City supporters waiting to go to a match.   To the surprise of some, our Knaus van is snuggily too.  Those German motorhomers trundle off for trips year round so demand a well insulated spec.

The Baltic Wharf  site is popular and the booking system of the club's website shows that it's often chocker block months ahead. But for those who like to get away on the spur of the moment, the wardens have told me that there's often last minute cancellations.

So over the next few days I'll be sharing some holiday themed posts. They'll be sightseeing, fun and frolics and of course, a panto.  Come back to see what we get up to in his lovely historic place!


  1. My sister and her husband often use this camp site and love it there. They love their caravan more than their house and are always going away in it. Enjoy your hols.

  2. Sightseeing, fun, frolics and a panto sound perfect. Enjoy yourselves!

  3. Yes, we love our motorhome too, although we have only had it since early September. We are away virtually every weekend; it is currently sited on a site on the edge of the New Forest in Hampshire, and it is really lovely to see the animals each week and the way the different weather has such an effect on the landscape. All you need in the colder months is a small electric heater and an extra thick blanket!!