Tuesday, 20 December 2011

My Grown Up Wendy House

To illustrate this post, I imagined that I was about seven again and went online to search for my dream childhood playhouse.  And here it is, a gorgeous little Yankee fantasy from a lady called Barbara Butler, a mere snip at $13,860 which represents one of the cheaper offerings on her site.  I urge you to shop there if you have children and an income the size of the Beckhams.
My motorhome that I'm currently happily holed up in, is the adult equivalent of this and didn't cost a dissimilar amount of money. It's my most prized possession ever and I am perfectly in tune with Meanqueen's sister.  My guru of frugality commented on a previous post and told me  that her sibling loves her caravan more than her house.  So why is this? With the aid of a few bullet points I'll try to explain.
Numero uno.  Of course, the most obvious.  It moves! I can take my miniature home anywhere I choose.  Beaches, city centres, festivals and remote open countryside are all within my easily affordable reach.

  • Unlike a tent,  once we've stopped there's no faffing about for hours getting things set up.  It's more  of a home from home than a hotel could ever be too. I can have a cuppa with real milk whenever I like and the price of the alcoholic goodies in my fridge, just an arm's reach away, is miles below that of those emergency rations  found in a mini-bar.
  • Years ago I looked at an IKEA catalogue which portrayed the seemingly over-optimistic vision of a Scandanavian family living a full and meaningful life in a space equivalent to the size of a small studio flat.  Yet my motorhome is just like that.  Beds  up  high expose usable space below and there's so much clever storage that is way above and beyond anything found in a Barratt's box.
  • Because of that limited space you're forced to dispense of the unnecessary fripperies that collect in a traditional brick built house.  There's no trinkets, rarely used gadgets or things saved for a rainy day.  The lack of egg cups this morning meant that Lou's breakfast was served up in the lid from my bottle of deodorant!
  • An incredibly thorough spring clean takes about an hour as opposed to more than a day in my brick built home.
  • Lots of windows mean that  the quality of light in our mobile living accommodation is excellent, a feature that is so important to someone prone to seasonal affective disorder.
  • When we park up we often become part of a community of like minded people.  They're normally not  the type that are up partying until the early hours and the kids -well they find each other and make the kind of entertainment that more often than not doesn't need the help of an electronic device.
This 'wendy house on wheels' doesn't look anywhere near as pretty as the gorgeous green timber clad mini peep's version above. But it fulfils its role as a dream toy for a grown up superbly!


  1. :o( I got all excited then when I read the title, thinking I was going to get a glimpse inside your small house. I had a job once driving motorhomes to and from the big shows, I loved to snoop about in them. I am sure I could live in one for a while, after living in a lorry cab Mon - Fri, for a few years. Not much room in there.

  2. Will have to let you have a snoop at a later date!