Friday, 2 December 2011

No Glitterballs for Me!

It's Friday night - whoop! whoop!  If  we flashback to my youth, I would, no doubt, be getting my glad rags on and starting the weekend by going out on the town - drinks, a meal, a club, a party.  Who knows what the night would hold.

Lets move forward in time to the present and  I'm now in my mid forties. It's been a hard week at work and the idea of embarking on a flurry of activity so close to bedtime seems an anathema.  I've had fish and chips for tea and am now sitting in my reclining chair wearing a cosy cardie and slippers, drinking a big mug of tea.  Once I've finished writing there's a book to read and a good night's sleep to be had.  I'm as happy as Larry, whoever he is, and don't feel like a social outcast because it's the weekend and I've got nowhere to go.  It just goes to show how times have changed.  What would my nineteen year old self think?

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