Sunday, 11 December 2011

Pinko Pursuits

My viewing on the i-player during this evening's ironing session reminded me that I've been meaning to share some craft links from the UK media for a while now.  I was catching up with back episodes of Kirstie's Homemade Home and had to give myself a stern talking to.  It's not a good idea for me to start fabric printing, machine embroidery or pottery projects when there's so much else to complete. New ventures must be put on the back burner for the time-being.

But for those of you who're looking for inspiration for creative makes, Channel 4 has an excellent craft resource on its webpages which knocks the spots off of the BBC's offering.   Go over and pay the site a visit to see my favourite seasonal make , a needlefelt robin.

As a public sector worker there's a higher than average chance that I'd be a pinko Guardian reader and the stereotype indeed applies.  A little ray of rosiness in a country dominated by a true blue government climate - hence the picture!   I appreciate that some of my readers may have a different take on life and hence normally spurn this lefty rag.  But don't dismiss it out of hand.  It's not just about hair shirts and homages to the Miliband boys.  It has published some great craft articles.  In the interest of  political balance I tried to find equivalent resources in other more right wing British national newspapers but without success.  So, all you Tories out there take the plunge.   Check out the paper's website for some great makes including these lovely knitted biscuits.  For those nifty knitters out there I reckon that this design would scale upwards to make beautiful comfy cushions.

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