Tuesday, 27 December 2011

The Seven Stages of my Business Empire

My fledging pre-loved  (ah! bless 'em!) jewellery business relies on me buying and selling on Ebay.  I thought I'd give you all little peep at how some of my items have fared.  Being British and mostly erring on the side of pessimism my selection leans towards my less successful endeavours to make a fast buck!

One that got away:  An absolutely lovely  fishy themed brooch by the Haisla artist, Lyle Wilson who  hales from British Columbia and works across several media.  Unknowingly,  I bid an insulting amount just upwards of £12 but at least this proves that I might be blessed with a  ommercial eye.   The winning auction bid for this piece was £57.57 - still a bargain from an economical and  indeed an aesthetical viewpoint. There's a similar piece for sale at the moment for five hundred Canadian dollars.  Just proves the point that you live and learn!

Whatever Possessed Me:   Right at the other end of the good investment scale now.  We move on from the previous thoroughly covetable carefully handcrafted item. to a piece of tat... a plastic 'vintage' bead choker that would be out of place in a value cracker.   Believe me it's must more cheap and nasty than it look in this picture.  Who's says that the camera never lies? It was only 99p plus postage but wasn't even cheap at that price.  I'll have to hide it away in a job lot that I'll auction off at some time in the near future. Let's hope that I'll break even.   One that proves that living and learning remains a current method of acquiring knowledge.
 I Really Don't Want To Sell This:  This little ring didn't look much when I found it on Ebay but I saw that it has great potential to make a profit.  It's a Danish piece and Scandanavian silver is oh so trendy  at the moment.    There's a problem though.  Now it's been through my tumble polisher and come up all sparkly I've been wearing it for a week and I don't want to let it go.  I'm going to be stern at sell it just before Valentine's day.  Some romantic soul out there will be amenable in buying a single red rose for their sweetheart and hopefully providing a healthy cynic with a tasty profit.  In the meantime I'll enjoy its presence on my finger and feel proud that I'm adding to its vintage provenance by using it.

In the Shop at the Moment:  I've chosen this clover necklace to show here, not because it's going the item that makes my fortune butbecause of its imagined history.  I'll only just scrape a profit  from its eventual sale which goes to show that in business your heart should not rule the head.  This is a piece crafted in Birmingham during the Second World War and  in my head I've built up a whole story around it being sent out to a serviceman in active combat. That dent on the top demonstrates how  it served its purpose at a lucky  talisman bringing protection against gunfire in the heat of battle.  Or it may have been battered by ordinary wear and tear over the years.  Who knows the story behind many of these 'olden days' items.

Oops!:  This is so pretty isn't it?  Except it was missing a catch when it arrived in a broken jewellery job lot.  'Easy peasy.' I thought. 'I'll just stick  a replacement on and bask in the glory of recycling something to a state where it could be useful and attractive again.  However my efforts showed the correctness of my longstanding belief that the name 'superglue' is rather grandiose.  The fitting fell off in the post and I gave the rather disgruntled recipient a heartfelt apology and a full refund.<
Skin of the Teeth Stuff':   This piece has taught me a very valuable lesson I  shouldn't just buy something just because it's cheap.  I thought that this was loathsome when I saw it.  One of those objects that where I can quite fathom out what possessed someone to desing and make it in the first place.  And guess what? The majority of the population seem to have taste.  They  are with me and share my view so have kept their pennies firmly in their pockets.  As luck would have it I may have  just broken even after taking into account my selling costs.  There may even be the teeniest profit of a few pence though not even to even buy a Mars Bar!


  1. An interesting selection! I'd love to buck the trend, but I love the fish brooch, the rosy ring, the shamrock and the bit of bling, but can't see much appeal in the piece you acquired so cheaply and would have been fooled that the choker would give one an air of 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' only to find it's more 'Breakfast at the Greasy Spoon'...Good luck with your fledgling business in the New Year!

  2. Hi,
    I too love vintage and interesting jewellery. I was gobsmacked to see the Lyle Wilson fish brooch on your blog as I was the winning bidder. I also thought it would be cheap, but the bidding shot up and my husband bid for me and put in £60. I was trying to find out more about it, as I could n't find a similar brooch on the net. I think your blog is great and I particularly lke your Danish rose ring. Its similar to a brooch I have by John Lauritizen, (I think its how its spelt). Keep up the good work.

  3. Hi Karen - So exciting to hear about the brooch and I'm so glad that it went to a good home where it's loved !x