Saturday, 24 December 2011

Thought for the Day: In Two Minds

As I passed by the 'Occupy' camp on Bristol's College Green the other day, I was drawn to the reference to Vodafone's massive profit and the proportion that was paid to the state that was highlighted on the placard.  This dichotomy of figures was just the type of result that I'd have been proud of achieving for a client whilst employed in  my previous career as a tax consultant in a Big Six/Five/Four accountancy firm  or however the giants are describing themselves these days.  It's  a fine illustration of  one of the reasons why I decided to change direction and use my intellect to earn a crust doing something that was more in kilter with my psyche.

On one level I admire the tenacity of the protesters and I'm certainly in sympathy with their cause but......they've turned a public space into a quagmire that resembles a muddy festival field.  Even though  I know that grass restores itself within a matter of weeks,  animosity is generated among so many ordinary people, even those who are experiencing true adversity in these difficult times.  And as for those who are affluent? Well  because of my experience of hobnobbing with  the privileged group in society,  I'm in no doubt that they won't be  moved by this type of action or indeed  the public sector strike that took place a few days ago.  They probably  view these demonstrations as a piffling nuisance which merely reinforces the idea that most of the population are indeed the crusty and lazy hoi-polloi who'd only squander extra money if it were  put in the taxman's pot rather than being paid out in dividends to them.

What I'm mulling over at the moment is if there would be a type of protest that would make these people,whose money has bought them so much influence, sit up, listen and act in a way that promotes the common good.  I'm certain it would have by means that would hit them close to their jubblies - trouser pockets are just a smidgen away from this sensitive zone!  But how that could be done?  I'm struggling with the fine detail,

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