Monday, 5 December 2011

Too Mucha Spaghetti

Why Mr Lovelygrey prepared shedloads more spaghetti than we needed for the three of us the other day is a complete mystery to me.  Mind you, lots of other things puzzle me too.  Like why people pay good money to have all the hair on their pubic area removed with hot wax, how anyone can think that Ed Milliband is sexy (read here if you don't believe it either) or why budgies can get a good night's sleep standing on one leg.

Anyway back to culinary matters.  This abundance of leftover carbohydrate gave me the excuse to cook a spaghetti omelette, a frittata that can be made with the remains of any pasta dish including its sauce.  However I decided to bulk up my dish with the remains of  Sunday lunch's vegetables and some cold gammon.  What can go into this dish is only as restrictive as your imagination!

I first fried a chopped onion and crushed garlic in a pan until softened.  and then added my leftovers, which I'd cut up a bit, so that they could warm through.  Meanwhile I beat four eggs with a bit of creme fraiche that I found at the back of the fridge and stirred in some mature grated cheese and salt and pepper. Then I tipped this sloppy mixture in the pan and gave all the ingredients a good stir to evenly distribute everything.  After about fifteen minutes I turned the omelette out onto a plate and let it slide back into the pan to cook on the other side.  I've got in a right royal mess undertaking this procedure in the past.  It's a bit of a russian roulette type technique but on this occasion all went swimmingly and I didn't end up with egg on my face ....or the floor......or all over the top of the cooker.

Hey presto, I ended up with something that I think one of my all time culinary and on screen heroes - Remy from 'Ratatouille' would be proud to serve up to that harshest of critics, Anton Ego.  This big fat eggy cheesy round of  homely loveliness, of which no two are alike,  is great eaten warm straight from the pan.  But it's also delicious cold and a slice of these second time around leftovers are a change from a sandwich and make a welcome treat in a lunchbox.

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  1. That looks delicious- a great use of leftovers.