Sunday, 25 December 2011

We Moved On...

from Somerset where Mister Lovelygrey's family reside.   Our plans to spend Christmas night in the van on my sister in law's driveway have been foiled after a half hour long attempt, by difficult access and an entrance that is only a couple of inches wider than the motorhome. So sssh! - we're parked on the street outside instead.   A slight breach of civil law but needs must.  All bed space in the house is taken  and anyway we won't be hurting anyone.

The wine is flowing freely and before I suffer from alcohol induced dyslexia I thought I'd tap out my daily post prior to a slap up turkey lunch.  And this beautiful picture that  illustrates my festive offering with a scene more evocative of the holiday period last year?  Well it's 'Snow on Railway Tracks',  by Margaret Sherlock that we saw in the modern art gallery at the Bristol's wonderful city museum yesterday.  Easily a much more enjoyable way to spend Christmas Eve than shopping with the throngs in the much publicised last minute rush!

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