Thursday, 15 December 2011

Wonderful Wild Wind

There's a flip side to spending most of the year being ill.  Now I'm  ninety per cent recovered I'm experiencing the world around me with renewed vigour.  The big bonus is I'm feeling great during these autumn and winter months which are normally difficult because there seems to be a seasonally affective element to my depression.  Usually I crave the light but I'm so glad to be well again.  So  this period, with its short days and extended periods of darkness, isn't presenting its usual challenges.  Instead I'm  newly appreciative of its sombre character.

What I'm particularly enjoying is going to bed, snuggling down in the darkness  and hearing the wild and woolly weather rattling down the valley from the west and lashing the trees and buildings outside.   I'm loving the sound of the  wind and rain, which has been so fierce that it's blown one of the drainpipes clean off the front of the house.  However, cosied up under the duvet,  these mighty elements which are quite capable of causing distruction, seem strangely comforting!

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