Tuesday, 31 January 2012

All Wrapped Up

As promised, here's the result of Saturday's lovely day out with Red Mel and Kay at Bijoux Beads in Bath.   We signed up to a wirework course at the shop and much merriment and makey-ness was had by all.  So, behold 's my first finished piece of craft for 2012, a wirework  necklace with sea inspired beads clustered around five central 'stations'. There's fishes, starfish and pearls, blue to represent the waves and crystal to pay homage to the spray.  Oh and there's bubbles in the  form of the chain How arty-farty is that!

Red Mel's eclectic mixture of bead was made to match her fancy Boden tunic that she bought in the sale.  It's amazing how different finished products can be when everyone follows the same set of instructions.
Here's the one made by a partner in crime for the day, a lovely lady called Sandra who was on the course thanks to it being paid for as a gift by her husband, the crafter's ideal man!

This beautiful design was made by Sally who again made an accessory to match her outfit, albeit subconciously.  She didn't realise how closely the colours corresponded to what she was wearing until it was pointed out. She must be a dusky pink and purple kind of girl.

And here's teacher's effort.  Jo made this gloriously abundant piece that would look so lovely on a bride.    And it's so, so neat on the back.  Does it surprise you that this talented young lady designs wedding jewellery?

While you look at Kay's necklace I'll give you an overview of the course.  The girls in the shop are enthusiastic, lovely and helpful and we had a brilliant day out learning new techniques that lend themselves to being used to recycle those odds and sods left over from other projects.  The shop has a beautiful selection of beads to choose from.  But the course is not for the skint amongst you.  It's comes in quite expensive when you factor in the cost of the tuition (£45) and the beads that you choose.  They're expensive which isn't surprising given the shop's location in a historic world heritage city.    It would have been helpful if the shop's website had a better description of  its aims and a photo of the project to be completed.  All this beadiness excess was right up Red Mel's street but for me and Kay, we'd have liked to have seen a lot more emphasis on learning how to use wire and might have chosen a different course if we'd have had more information.


  1. Your necklace is a real beauty - I love it! All the others are lovely too, and as you say, amazing what different things emerge from the same group of instructions. Sounds like a great way to spend a day, with like-minded people, doing something you love!

  2. I prefer your theme to all the others but I thought that they all look good but complicated. Perhaps you can seek out another course in the future which would be more suited to what you want to achieve.

  3. Hi its Sandra from the course love the blog very good, my husband likes the comment every crafters dream! You really need to check out Made It at Dartmouth, she is a lovely talented lady, tried to up load a of photo of wirework I did with her, so different from Saturday but not allowing me to paste. Happy beading it was certainly lovely to enjoy the company of fellow beading fanatics :)

  4. Yes, yours is best, others too cluttered. The yellow one is nice though. Will you be making more?

  5. Gee schucks everyone. Thanks a bundle. I will be making more but they're going to be more wiry! Sandra - welcome. It's lovely to hear from you!

  6. Gee schucks everyone. Thanks a bundle. I will be making more but they're going to be more wiry! Sandra - welcome. It's lovely to hear from you!