Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A Bit of a Puzzle

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Yesterday, during my journey to work across the moor...probably the best commute in the world!... there was a feature on BBC Radio 4's  Today programme that grabbed my attention.  It was about the increase in the need for breakfast clubs as allegedly more and more kids in Britain go to school hungry because their parents can't afford to feed them.

Now I'll leave the pooh poohing of this to posh people like the one they dragged up on the programme.  There's really far too many indignant folk around at the moment who've taken their silver spoons out of their mouth to voice their opinions about what wasters 'poor people' are.   But I am struggling to comprehend how families can get into this state of affairs in a 21st century first world country.  Like one of the presenters on the programme I'm asking, 'Do they really not have the few pence that it costs to buy porridge and a piece of fruit or indeed some other healthy but frugal breakfast?'   Please don't misunderstand me and think that the tone of this question is derisory.   I am merely after a 'yes or no' answer.

If you come across this blog and don't have the money to feed your children I'd like to know more.  Is your income pitiful or have expenses for essentials just racked up to a level where budgets just can't be balanced.  Are you lacking budgeting or other skills that mean that you can't make the best use of the money you've got?  Or are those who feel that they rank above us commoners right in thinking that the less well off in society who're struggling brought the entire situation on themselves by feckless spending?

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  1. I watched 'Superscrimpers' last night. they featured a family who spent £200 per week on food, even though a lot of it was wasted. Whilst thet are almost certainly the extreme, is it possible the 'normal' food spend for a lot of people is somewhere close to this figure? I can't imagine eating that volume of food. It looks to me like a combination of lack of education about diet, over reliance on takeaways and ready-made meals combined with diminshing cooking skills.I can see that some could easily get in a mess with a budget in those circumstances. We live in a society that regards a trip to McDonalds as a treat - I'd rather go without, than eat there.