Wednesday, 11 January 2012


As part of 'Tiny Business' I'm buying a few old silver charm bracelets.  Sometimes they have heaps and heaps of little dangly keepsakes  but on resale I only keep about twelve on each. Some of the ones removed are auctioned singly and with others I'll make up new bracelets.  A part of me feels that it is a little sacrilegious to tear apart an old treasure that is a memento of  someone's past, akin to ripping up an old patchwork quilt.  On the other hand it feels as if new owners should have some space to add some of their own treasures and perhaps personalities to these eclectic collections.

It  got me thinking what I'd put on a bracelet if I had one of my own to reflect my likes and interests. So today I've put together a my own bracelet from vintage charms currently  for sale on Ebay.  Let's start with this thrifty squirrel.

I've enjoyed cycling since I was a nipper.  Riding around the country lanes of Essex gave me my first real taste of freedom.  I never learned to mend a tyre and my parents were none too pleased once when I got a puncture and needed rescuing miles from home.

Animal charms are very popular and there's pretty much every beast that you could think of under the sun including the inevitable fluffy kittens and, of course, man's best friend. But me - I love lizards and have used them in arts and craft designs over the years.  This little thumb sized creature caught my eye.

There had to be something that represented the fact that I was a Francophile. But what.  I could find a baguette, beret or string of onions.  In the end I settled for these Can Can dancers.  There's a bonus here in that their legs move up and down.

So what about one that represents my love of the seaside?  I could have chosen from a myriad of fish or boats but instead I opted for this rather wonderful ice cream cone complete with its enamelled 99 flake   It's doubly meaningful in that it represents my favourite food!
Aesthetically I love minis.  From a practicality point of view I've not been so keen since I nearly missed a holiday ferry because Mr Issignonis's design classic had a faulty distributor cap which meant that it prone to break down in wet weather.  This picture also illustrates the fact that these charms are tiny and can be a bugger to photograph clearly.

Now travel is so intrinsic to my life that there has to be some reference to the journeys that I've made.  This Yellowstone geyser charm would be such a brilliant souvenir depicting, as it does,  my absolute favourite place in the world.  I thought I'd have to opt for a more symbolic piece such as a bear or bison.  I never dreamt that there would be a tiny 3D representation of Old Faithful in silver.
It would also be a good idea to have something that would be a frequent reminder of a place in the world where I long to go. It might act as a driver to turn my dream of visiting Easter Island into reality despite the non inconsequential expense of getting to this remote Pacific outpost.

Of course there has to be a motorhome!  I loved the intricacy of this little example which sports its uber-cool pop up roof.  In reality though I like a good own coachbuilt vehicle with a bed above the cab.  No need for mucking about when you pitch camp.  Just park and get the wine out of the fridge!

To celebrate my love of woodland it's quite obvious that this bracelet would need a tree although surprising in charm form they were surprising thin on the ground.  I'm toying with the clever tape measure idea to illustrate my own auction listings.

Of course a crafty chick needs her tools.  There was no vintage toolbox so I had to settle for a singular item.  This adjustable wrench is an absolute masterpiece.  Not sure when I'd use it in a jewellery making context though.

And Birkin bag or Chanel 2.55 for me.  My bag of choice on many occasions has to be the rucksack.  This little silver pack isn't entirely dissimiliar to the one that houses our picnic set.

And so now..... no pinching my own ideas for nick nacks to grace your own imaginary or real wrist adornment.  Go forth and find your own trinkets that represent the real you!

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