Friday, 20 January 2012

Dib Dib Dib

Whoah!  Dig that funky fleur de lys.  It almost glows!

About eighteen months ago I volunteered to join the committee of the Scout Group of which Louis is a member as a cub.  It holds its meetings on Fridays, a day that has proved so inconvenient that I've not been able to make one until today.  Festivals, holidays and life threatening illnesses have got in the way up to now.  But finally tonight I managed for the first time to fulfill my duties.

And I have to say that it was dire.  Not even a cup of tea passed our lips and it was a joyless exercise seen over by a leader, who although shows enormous dedication, is rather stuck in his ways.  No wonder parents don't want to  get involved at the end of a hard week at work.   But another newbie and I have taken the bull by the homes and decided to oversee the running of the annual fayre to raise much needed booty for what is an extremely worthwhile youth organisation. We've set ourselves the task of beating last year's rather pitiful takings and having some fun to boot.

So we're going to start to plan our fundraising attempt with gusto! Not for us the strip light lit scout hut as a place for our meetings but it's down to the pub of course!  We'll entice some of the other parents to get involved with the promise of planning meetings that not only include a bit of grafting but include a bite, a beer and a giggle or two.    It seems to be that for an activity that relies on volunteers to be successful it  has to be portrayed as fun.  Then it's just that bit easier to make the serious underlying matter in hand - whether it is fundraising, directly giving time to a group in society or say, an environmental project - just seem like a by-product of having a good time!


  1. Oh dear - the committee meeting sounds a bit depressing! Good luck with what you've taken on - I'm sure that with a bit more jollity and a better meeting place you'll have much success!

  2. I am not a fan of committees, everybody waffles and nothing gets done. You do the right thing in taking it over, best of luck for a new social life.

  3. Good luck with that project, expect the wrath of the Scout Leader to fall on you.