Wednesday, 25 January 2012

I Tried!

It was supposed to be my day off today but I ended up at Plymouth University furthering my academic curiousity.  I've agreed to participate in an occupational therapy research study which I'm quite excited about. However I realise that if I discussed it in detail here many eyes would glaze over and no doubt a significant number of my readership would run off to Facebook..or maybe Tweet instead.  So, I'll curb my enthusiasm and  stay schtum.  However any OTs who're interested in what I'm up to can contact me personally and I'll surreptitiously explain what the heck I'm up to.

Whilst I was on campus I decided I'd treat myself to a great big blast of self achievement and tackle the oldest thing on the To Do list of my last phone which only dates from about four years ago.  Isn't it good that I'm not in denial about the fact that I'm a procrastinator?  The item in question is paying a  fine of £1 dating from the days when I studying cognitive behavioural therapy modules and a book was overdue for a day.  I've been receiving email reminders ever since and no doubt a certificate is being withheld in a drawer somewhere until the debt is paid.

So clutching a ten pound note in hand I toddled off to the library a good half hour before my meeting was due to start. Here's how events unfolded and the task remains on my list.

  • I explained my transgression to the staff at the information desk and how I eagerly desired to make good my debt.  They told me that they couldn't take cash so needed to top up my six year old library card with £1 on a machine around the corner and then go to another machine where the fine would be wiped.
  • This machine refused to recognise my card.  However it told me that if I swiped it through a peripheral device it would be activated so....
  • I headed towards a printer and popped the card in the reader which promptly fell off the machine.  Oops!
  • Hastily I propped the reader precariously back up and swiped the card again but to no avail.  Gobbledygook  appeared on the screen.
  • Back to the information desk.  They gave me a guest card and told me that if I topped that up they would be able to eliminate my debt by crediting it to my own account.
  • A helpful student (goodness they look young these days) told me that the top up machine needed exact coinage and I only had paper money and a 50 cent coin from Europe.
  • However there was a neighbouring change machine.  Yippee!  I finally thought I'd sussed it but.... both ten pound notes I tried were spat out probably because they'd been scrumpled in my pocket rather than walleted tidily.
  • Back at the information desk I told them that I would try to pay my dues when I next visited the campus in May.  They reassured me that a hitman would not be round to Lovelygrey Villas, probably because I'll have hired him first to take a few pot shots at all those annoying bits of technology!

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  1. I bet you are so glad you tried to do the right thing and pay that dept !
    Half of our villages' teenagers are at Plymouth Uni !