Friday, 13 January 2012

Local Heroes

I see in the news this week that Little Chef is struggling.  and I'm not blooming well surprised.  What I've eaten there in the dim distant past has been awful.  It takes some doing to muck up a good old English fried breakfast.  I was further turned off from visiting the chain when a food reviewer asked for an omelette and was told that none had arrived yet in the post!

But if we turn off our trunk roads and motorways we can find places that can do much better than sub-standard or average chains and provide real treats to sustain us on our journeys.  If heading down to  South Devon or Cornwall on the A38, can I recommend the five minute diversion through Fore Street,  Bovey Tracey?  Its unassuming fish bar where ownership has recently been taken over by a couple from my old stomping ground in Essex and I reckon it gives Rick Stein's excellent takeaway in Padstow a run for its money at a fraction of the price.  There's a simple menu include fishy favourites as well as salt and pepper squid.  They come served with a posh touch - a tub of freshly prepared tartar source and a wedge of lemon.. And for those who prefer a meaty treat, look no further than the homemade pies, prepped in individual tin trays.  That's got to be better than vacuum packed congealed egg!

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