Tuesday, 10 January 2012

No Longer in the Altogether Together

It's not just height, weight, shoe size or indeed arithmetical or reading  abiliy that are indicators to us parents that our children are growing up.  Sometimes it can dawn on us at the strangest times.

This morning after Mr Lovelygrey had gone to work.  I was having a particularly special morning snuggle with Louis whilst supping tea from my current favourite mug, an immense stripey TG Green cornishware one found in a charity shop for £4.50.  Not only do I like its 15 floz capaciousness but the blue and white bands form a ribbed effect which feels nice  when you rub your lip on it.....

.....Anyway.  I was having a nice chat with my super cuddly son when he remembered something.   'I forgot to hug Daddy!' he exclaimed.    'I tried to  give him a cuddle before he went to work but he didn't have any clothes on.  Eww! naked parents!'  So surprising out the mouth of one who, up until a month ago thought nothing of bursting in on us at inopportune bathroom moments without regard for propriety for an innocuous chat!


  1. kids are so funny. My 6 yr old grandson has been coming over quite often since he was a baby. He won't let me in the bathroom when he's using the toilet, but he wants me to come in and talk to him when he takes a bath.

  2. They get worse. KL objects to me nipping down the hall from bedroom to toilet if I don't have trousers on. I've pointed out that knickers are like bikini bottoms , but she's having none of it. In her words ' I just don't want to see you in your pants Mum'!