Friday, 6 January 2012

Not a Thing to Wear?

I'm having a rare night out this evening for Mr Lovelygrey's 'Christmas' Do at the the uber-eclectic Dartington Hall, home to all sorts of venues including, amongst other things, a upmarket shopping village, a college teaching sustainability and conference facilities.   If you're in the South Devon area it's well worth a wander around the beautiful grounds which are accessible to the public and lovely at all times of the year.  I can vouch for this as I sometimes nip through them on my commute.  Whilst I'm at it I might as well give a plug to the Alzheimer's Society as they run their excellent fortnightly 'Singing for the Brain'  sessions in the Foxhole centre on the estate.

Notw lots of people see this type of shindig as a perfect excuse to shop. But for me, buying something that would probably only be worn less than five times seems like madness. After all I'm not a diplomats wife or cruise fanatic.  So I've ransacked the house and put together my outfit for tonight gratis which is made up of:

  • A burgundy velvet dress that I blogged about in the summer.  As I thought it's turned out to be far more versatile than normal evening wear and often makes an appearance teamed with a chunky jumper.
  • A Howie's cotton mesh slash neck jumper that started life white.  However, I'm a messy pup and this is just not my colour. So it's taken on a new persona and is now navy. Looks v. elegant over the dress
  • A pair of Fat Face floral pump.  I toyed with the idea of my black Crocs clogs but Louis said that they were 'not appropriate'.  Out of the months of babes and all that.
  • Pants of course as I'm not a commando!
  • A necklace made for me by Crafty Tash,  the wife of Mr Lovelygrey's twin.  She's only got buttons and beads in her Folksy shop at the moment but keep looking.  Her polymer clay work is gorgeous and she might be putting some bigger items there soon.
  • My own handcrafted Ship Ahoy bangle.
  • And to top it all - these beautiful Norwegian David Andersen enamelled silver earrings.  They're destined for Ebay too but I might as well wear them and add to their vintage provenance.  And who knows? I might be able to save on listing and commission costs and  flog them tonight!

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  1. I hate wasting money on a new outfit for each special occasion - my husband says 'Go and buy something nice - I'll give you the money' and I say I'd rather spend it on clothes I'm likely to wear day in day out. In the end I buy nothing and put on something I've already got. I'm sure nobody ever notices I wear the same evening things - it's normally ages between one 'do' and another anyway (we're such socialites!). Your thrifty outfit sounds great - and I'm sure Louis was right about the crocs!