Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Thought for the Day: Patterns

Well yesterday was monumental in my blogging career.  For it was the first day in nearly two years since I started my experiment that I haven't prepared or published a post.  And I did it on purpose!

There's a lot going on in my life at the current time which I'll disclose as inclination takes me. But it wasn't just that I was too busy to blog.  I've got into the habit of making time for my project that has developed my confidence in writing for an audience and lead me on a journey of both personal and wider  exploration that I never would believed.  But it's got routine and sometimes it's good to break free from the throes of habitual pursuits, however small they are, and do something different for a change.  Hence the break.  Instead of squeezing something out of my brain at the end  of a  busy day I read a book instead.

So I urge you all out there to break free from patterns of behaviour and do something different instead.  It doesn't have to be anything monumental.  Take a alternative way to work, buy a different newspaper, speak to someone who you wouldn't normally pass the time of day with, don't wash for a day......The list is endless.  Make a temporary or permanent change and see what happens!


  1. Oh, that's quite a coincidence (it feels like to me) -- you're talking the talk of 'do something different' and I'm v tied up at the mo publishing a book at work called 'Do Something Different'. I really believe in shaking things up too. It feels good for me.

  2. Last night I stitched my quilt instead of reading blogs.It made a nice change , and the quilt is almost finished now!

  3. You are right of course, I should do something different.

  4. you are so right, breaking the pattern is a great idea! On my days off I have the same plan-check email, blogs, etc., run errands (esp the thrift store), laundry, and so forth. I need to cut out the visits to the thrift store (therefore saving money & clutter). I a definitely a creature of habit.