Monday, 9 January 2012

Sofa So Good

Sorry for the dreadful pun but it was as if my fingers were mysteriously forced to type it...Yikes!  Anyway, it's introducing the fact that I'm in the market for a new settee and what a minefield this is.   From a price perspective a new one will cost anywhere from £200 to a few grand.  I'm sure at the upper end you'll get fine quality materials, supreme comfort and bespoke design. But at that lower end and even into the mid-price range I have my doubts about the quality and durability of what you get for your money.  This was reinforced by the fact, that I took a look at a friend's newish sofa yesterday that was bought from a very famous specialist retailer.  I'd give you one guess at who that might be and I'm sure you'd be right!   It was only a year old but was showing signs of more wear than the twenty year old one in our lounge which seemed preposterously expensive when we bought it.

Anything costing a sum that's into three figures, even those beginning with a one or two, that falls apart quickly, even though it seems a bargain on the face of it, is a waste.  It's silly spending and not frugal or thrifty.  With that in mind I'm looking at spending a mid price amount on a quality used piece of furniture and am awaiting a reply on a best offer I've made on Ebay.  I would show you what I'm bidding on but it's so lovely I'm afraid that one of you lot would snap it up if I brought it to wider attention!

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  1. Good luck with that, I am pondering on spending a thousand pounds on a chair that fits all of my requirements, such as it must be large, soft but supportive, must have snooze factor and - I can use my laptop there with a tray on my lap...