Monday, 30 January 2012

A Super Start!

Morning chummers!  Off to a nice early start with blogging today in order to embark on my catch up.  And what a difference eighteen months makes.  Then I wrote a post about not liking Mondays. But now?  Well they ain't so bad at all especially as it's usually my Tavistock day and I get the pleasure of 'probably the best commute in the world ever' crossing the wild rugged scenery of Dartmoor.

Today is even better than usual for I've just downloaded the long awaited latest album from my musical hero of all time from Amazon.  So I'll be listening Leonard Cohen's Old Ideas, in my cosy car.  Even though snow has been forecast it seems to have missed us for the time-being but I'll take my wellies,  blankie,  flask of coffee and snacks just in case I get marooned!

And just in case there's others of you out there who love this gnarly old songster too check out his interview on the BBC's Radio 6 with Jarvis Cocker.   I spent an enjoyable evening chatting on Facebook.  But be quick it's only available for another six days!


  1. Funnily enough, I ripped out the details of this new album from yesterday's papers...... and now that you have mentioned the Radio interview I shall have something to hug to myself whilst at work today. Thank you!

  2. Had lots of driving and listened to the album four times. It's amazing.
    PS I'm a sad starstruck fan! x

  3. Sigh......... Have just downloaded "Old Ideas" onto my MP3........ I also am blown away by it!!!!!

    Loved the interview with Jarvis Cocker too.... Once again I find myself saying THANK YOU!

    (Word Verification: smental )

  4. Am also a star struck fan! Spent my Sunday afternoon listening to that interview, as well, Plan to listen again. For me, Len could read a telephone directory and I would happily listen to every word.