Thursday, 19 January 2012

Supermarket Sweep Kiddie Style

My friend and colleague, Scary Secretary is one of the thriftiest people that I know. A single mum who works part-time but still manages to look gorgeous and have an enjoyable, full life, she survives on an annual income that is the equivalent of, say, a tenth of a banker's bonus in a poor year.  She's a mine of useful ideas, including a fail safe tactic that prevents you from forgetting  the lunchtime shopping  that you put in the fridge at the end of a hard day at work.  Her latest flash of inspiration is genius,  She's come up with a way of making a small child think that you are super generous without incurring any great cost.

Imagine being lead to the door of a shop and being told 'You can have anything you like in here, anything at all!'  Well Scary does this with her five year old.  Is she mad, I hear some of you say.  Well she would be if the store were ToysRus or the Disney Store.  But instead she plays this trick in Poundland. That's the equivalent to a dollar store to my friends across the pond!

Left to their own devices, kids inevitably choose tat and unfortunately this state of affairs is almost impossible to avoid entirely.   However green and ethical your own leanings are kids are drawn to hulking great bits of badly constructed plastic that invariably hail from China.  So why pay more that a quid for those pocket money toys hard earned by pester power that are more often than going to fall in the space of a few hours?

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  1. yes the weenster has clocked this and now prefers to take her pound to the pound shop for sweeties as she can buy three big choccie bars!

    Oh yes tat shop that is poundland is very useful!