Sunday, 15 January 2012

Thought for the Day: Bad Parenting Seventies Style

Image by Salvatore Vuono
I'm going to let you into a secret.  Mama and Papa Lovelygrey weren't perfect parents.  But hang it!  We all get it wrong sometimes.  Perhaps there are some of you out there who would have tut tutted my tactic on Friday of telling Louis that if he lost his gloves yet again, I seriously would kill him.  But heck, it worked and both mitts arrived home.  There's others who would be horrified at the level of freedom he has to roam the streets in the vicinity of home.

Where my parents got it wrong can be illustrated from a vignette from childhood.  We're walking along Southend seafront as a family and approach the Golden Mile, the liveliest part of the prom.  As we're passing one of the kiosks, one of our little voices cries out 'Can we have an ice cream?'  To which the reply is 'No, don't ask don't get'.  I adhered to this philosophy for years.  Who knows what I might have 'got' if  I'd ignored these questionable words of wisdom and been cheeky with my requests a little more often.   Surely its antonym in the proverb stakes,  'No harm in asking'  is what we should be teaching our children.   And they also need to know that if someone makes a request for something from them, they've always got the right to say no.

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  1. I remember it well, mum used to say that to us. We would have to gaze longingly at whatever it was that we wanted, and wait for mum to take the hint, or drag us away.