Saturday, 21 January 2012

Unproductive Mini Church of Craft

The mini Church of Craft met today after a bit of a break due to Christmas and other commitments. However we were pretty darned  unproductive but I hope you'll agree that there's a good reason for this. Naomi aka Nomes, the name she'll ever more be known as on this blog, has moved into a new home to die for, even thought it's a bit chilly even on a uber-mild winter's day.  Here's the view from her dining room.  There's a craft workshop, albeit with rickety, rotten ankle breaking steps and extensive grounds down to the river Teign to boot.  No wonder we couldn't focus too hard on being creative with such brilliant scenery

So what did we do?  Well we gossiped of course.  And ate cake and drank tea.  But I'm being unfair with my title for creative stuff came out of us meeting together.

Firstly Nomes made us aware of a brilliant brilliant  that is so great that I nearly wet myself with excitement,  though this was hard to do in a two bedroomed house graced with three toilets!  Its called craftgawker and I urge everyone to have a look.  Even those who don't profess to have a creative bone in their body couldn't help being inspired by the wealth of projects that it describes.  I'd need at least a year off workk to make everything that's inspired me so far!

And at last I got round to trying out my Makin polymer clay roller complete with its motor that I brought back from the US a year ago.  A project on craftgawker has given me a quick and easy jewellery idea and I started to experiment with my beautiful smooth Fimo sheets that were produced at the touch of a button. I hope to be able to knock up a few finished example  and show you them in a week or two!


  1. "Craftgawker" just about had my eyes out on stalks! Wow! Thanks for the link.

  2. I knew you'd like it. Thanks Nomes